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Auckland Airport Taxi Vs Parking at Flyaway

A cost comparison

What does a few days parking cost compared with getting a taxi to the airport? This traveller learned the hard way and could have saved over $100.

As a regular business traveller, the default for me had always been getting a taxi to the airport. It’s no hassle, they always pick me up on time and if my return flight is delayed, well I am sure there will be plenty of taxis hanging around at midnight. Right? Wrong.

On my return to Auckland Airport from a recent trip to the South Island, I found myself standing out in the rain waiting for over an hour and could not get either an Uber or a taxi. It was at that moment, I decided that next time I would drive myself.

Then I discovered how much I could have been saving by driving and parking at the airport, rather than taking a taxi. So I looked into the difference.

Taxi to the Airport – $150

At $75 each way, making small talk with a mask-wearing stranger, and having to stand outside the terminal for an hour waiting for a cab home, this is not an experience I want to repeat again in a hurry.

Taxi to airport 1
Taxi to airport 2

Parking at Flyaway – $38.00 

I have used the team at Flyaway a few times now, and the experience is always great. First of all, I get to start my journey in the comfort of my own car, listening to my favourite podcast. On arrival at the Flyaway lot, the team are always helpful and within a few minutes, they have loaded my luggage into the shuttle and we are on our way to the terminal. The journey is only five minutes, but in that time there is always some entertaining conversation from the friendly drivers. And off I fly.

On my return to the airport three days later, the shuttle comes quickly and before I know it, we are back at the lot. The Flyaway team work quickly through the new arrivals to check us out, and I am back in the car heading home. It all seemed so easy.

Parking for the three day trip, cost me a grand total of $38. I could even have had my car washed while I was away, and still have saved money! Needless to say, I know which option I will be choosing next time.